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What Would It Mean To Have The BEST Golf Season You've Ever Had?

WITHOUT Having To Slow Down Because Of An Injury

Image by Matt Aylward

What would your goals be?

Fixing your slice?

Finally mastering your driver?

Knocking off a few strokes?

Or just enjoying quality time with friends and family on the course without letting injury get in the way

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Have You Been Part Of The 40% Of Golfers That Are Hurt Every Year?

We get it, we're golfers too.

We've been held up by injuries, struggled with performance because of mobility restrictions, and we've learned our lessons.

Now, we're making sure you make the most of your season, regardless if you're golfing for competition, or just for the fun times with friends.

Image by Courtney Cook

What If We Told You That You Can Golf And Take Care Of Your Injury

At The Same Time?

Meet the CONNECT Golf Team.

We're a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare providers in Owen Sound that work with you to maximize performance, reduce injury risk, and keep you golfing even if you do get hurt.

We know injuries, and we know golf.


Cody Boileau
Registered Physitherapist

nick round.png

Dr. Nick Centritto



James Loveday-Wight

Registered Massage Therapist

Going It Alone For Now?

Check Out These FREE Resources For Golfers To Maximize Your Game At Home

The CONNECT Swing Clinic Part 1: It's All In The Hips

The first in our four-part series to maximize your swing and reduce injury at home. This blog includes a follow-along video of powerful hip stretches to improve and smooth your swing.

Image by Luis Villasmil
Golfer hitting golf

The CONNECT Swing Clinic Part 2: Do The Twist

The second edition of our Swing Clinc Series, this blog and video focus on exercises to add rotation through the ribcage and back to add more length to your swing (and yards to your drive!)

The CONNECT Swing Clinic Part 3: A Pain In The Neck

Our third edition focuses on the lesser-treated neck and shoulder. These small but mighty aspects to your swing can make-or-break your shot, particularly when it comes to drivers and irons. 

Golfer hitting golf

The CONNECT Swing Clinic Part 4: The Warmup Every Golfer Needs

The final episode of our Swing Clinic Series focuses on the most important thing you can do to improve your game before you even step into the tee box. Are you one of those golfers that writes off the first three holes? Maybe you need a better warmup!

Your Game Is Important To Us

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See You On The Green!

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