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Rehab. Differently.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to CONNECT's rehabilitation services page, on this page you'll find more information about the services we offer at CONNECT.

Our Story

CONNECT was borne from a need for MORE.

More time with our clients, more thorough assessments that take into account the entire person, more time to create the best possible treatment plan for you as an individual, and more energy brought into a stagnant healthcare system.

We wanted to create a space where you feel heard, welcome, and empowered to reach health and wellness goals that go beyond getting out of pain (though that is almost always an important side-effect of reaching larger goals).

Welcome to CONNECT, let us show you how we put HEALTH back into healthcare.

Our Rehabilitation Services

At CONNECT we will stop at nothing to deliver the best, most personalized care experience possible. Click on any discipline to learn more about our offerings and to access our online booking system to find an appointment that fits your schedule.



Are Saying

"Loved the facilities!

I have had months of suffering with headaches and neck pain and after this first assessment I feel very optimistic. Cody completed a thorough history and exam and was able to explain what is going on and how we can work together to improve my symptoms!

He made me feel listened to and that my pain was real and valid!"



We'd love to hear from you

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