We're Steph and Clare,
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We opened CONNECT in 2019 because we needed a space where we could practice physiotherapy the way we wanted to: with longer appointments and fewer visits - but with people we liked more, and without pressure from outside insurers.

Turns out, other rehab professionals wanted to do the same thing, and they wanted to do it with us.

This is where you find out if we could be a good fit for your career.

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So, here's the important question:
Why might you, a rehab professional, want to work at CONNECT?

We Hire Our Friends (Even Ones We Just Met)

Part of our vision is to work as a team. And not a hokey, corporate “team,” a real team.

A "dog walks over coffee on a Saturday morning" kind of team. A "meet your mom" kind of team. A "through thick and thin" kind of team.

We believe that hiring a group of people who can find friendship inside and outside of work is one of the secrets to creating an amazing workplace.

We can help teach you to become a great clinician, we can't teach you to be a great teammate, it's something you're already amazing at if you work at CONNECT.

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We Want To Grow With You

Maybe your big dreams are bigger than us, maybe you want to go work for the NHL, maybe you want to be the private physiotherapist to the Prime Minister.

Maybe your big dreams include being able to structure your days with your family in mind. Maybe you want to stick with us for your whole career, who knows, its YOUR career after all.

We want those choices for you, and we want to be part of the career development that gets you there.

We Believe Being A Rehab Professional Is The Best Job In The World

...and we work in a space where we can make it so.

You know how they say, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”?

We’re in the business of helping rehab professionals actually do what they love and, spoiler alert, that can look different for everyone but definitely doesn’t include WSIB, MVA, and OHIP.

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In-House Mentorship

With the team, with your mentor, or with another teammate.

Not only do we believe in learning throughout your career, we actually make it happen.

We schedule case-review sessions in small teams as needed, we keep a running list of mentorship topics, and we believe in a structured on-boarding and mentorship program for every new and recent grad. It's a plan we've crafted alongside the new grads we've already hired, and it gets better every time we implement it.


Talk to us about what you need, what needs to change, what you’d like to learn, and what is and isn’t working in your career.

Remember what we said about helping rehab professionals actually do what they love? It starts with actually having open lines of communication at work.

No more broken telephone or not listening at all.


Are You Convinced Yet?

We wrote this Vivid Vision, based on the book by Cameron Harold (worth a read!), to help current and potential staff, as well as those in our community, understand where we’re going in the next three years.

We encourage you to read it if you’ve liked what we’ve said so far, and are interested in working for us.

Careers at CONNECT

We believe in loving your job and loving where you do it, which is why we've created a unique environment at CONNECT so that our team members can build the job of their dreams. We are looking for growth-oriented clinicians to join our team

Before you apply or read our postings, we recommend taking a read through our Vivid Vision to decide if we're the right fit for you. If your vision lines up with ours, but you don't see a posting, we encourage you to still reach out, you might be the person that we don't know we need yet.

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Pelvic Floor/Women's Health Physiotherapist

Are you a passionate, driven Women's Health physiotherapist that is interested in helping active post-partum women get back to the active lifestyle they love? Are you ready to build the Women's Health practice of your dreams in a city with incredibly high demand for someone like you? Great, read the full job posting below


Registered Massage Therapist

Are you a clinically-oriented RMT looking to build a practice for active adults and athletes? Are you interested in actively managing your own caseload while also working in tandem with our other providers? Then we want to hear from you!




Are you a chiropractor that wants to spend more 1:1 time with your patients? That believes in an active approach to complement your hands-on treatments? That understands that movement is the key to the majority of health goals? Phenomenal - we want to hear from you!


Administrator (Part Time)

Are you our next Desk Wizard? We're looking for a part-time administrator to work afternoons and evenings, with the opportunity to expand to a full-time role in the future. Duties include billing and payment, booking, and clinic flow.

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We'd love to hear from you

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