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Careers At CONNECT

Love what you do and love where you live, your dream career is waiting for you at CONNECT.

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

CONNECT is growing into the premiere site for women's health physiotherapy in Grey Bruce. Together, we're creating a positive healing environment for new mothers and their babies to grow and get back to the things they love. Go beyond exercises on the bed and empower women to return to running, working out, and sports.

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Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

Orthopaedic practice is littered with opportunities to work in high-volume, settings, CONNECT is anything but. Here we focus on 1:1 care and active solutions to active problems with the client's big goals at the center of our treatment planning. 

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We know that short appointment times with little time to get to know clients is standard in the chiropractic world even though most new chiros leave school with a very different idea of how they want to practice. We want to see your dream of longer 1:1 care with an active rehab focus that compliments your chiropractic skills come true.

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Registered Massage Therapist

We know that being more than just a relaxation massage therapist is important to you. We want you to have the clinical role you've dreamed of as a PART of the clinical team, not just a feel-good accessory. Hone your clinical skills with mentorship, and jump into care as an active part of achieving your client's goals.

Current Openings

Current Openings
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
Orthopaedic Physiotherapist
Registered Massage Therapist
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Why Work For CONNECT

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Loving What You Do Is Important, And So Is Loving Where You Live


Our Transition To Practice Program

Values-Based Hiring

In our world, our team is our greatest asset. That means when we hire, we hire for a specific mindset and set of values that align with our vision and our team. It also means you're getting hired into a close-knit group of likeminded clinicians, aka: the first group of friend you'll get in Owen Sound

Personal & Professional Growth

Your dreams are important to us because part of our vision is helping our clinicians have the career they've always dreamed about. That means checking in on your goals and encouraging you to take the steps you need to build your dream. 

Work-Life Balance

Burnout is huge in our industry, we're on a mission to change that. Live in a place you love, and actually have the freedom to enjoy it. Want to take a vacation? Great. Need a day to yourself? Awesome. We mean it.

Mentorship and Case Reviews

We believe in lifelong learning, we also believe that many heads are better than one. When we say there is mentorship, we mean there is 1:1 and group mentorship regularly, and case review sessions when you're stumped.

Transition To Practice Program

You're taking a risk by moving to a new city, which is why we want to offer you a steady salary for up to 6 months so that you can build your caseload, be mentored and get comfortable without financial worries.

Extended 1:1 Patient Care, Standard

Every initial assessment is 75 minutes, our standard follow-up is 45 minutes and, while shorter appointments are available, we encourage our clinicians to spend the time they need to think, troubleshoot, and build a relationship with each client they work with without the pressure of 3-4 patients every hour.

City Amenities, Small Town Vibe

Above all else, we believe Owen Sound is one of the most underrated places to call home. That's why each one of our clinicians continues to choose this amazing community to live, work and start their families.

Why Choose CONNECT?

Why Choose CONNECT

We opened CONNECT in 2019 because we needed a space where we could practice physiotherapy the way we wanted to: with longer appointments, fewer visits, a bigger focus on active care and really getting to know our clients.

Turns out, other rehab professionals wanted to do the same thing, and they wanted to do it with us.

Meet Steph & Clare
Entrepreneurs, Physiotherapists, Moms, & Maybe Your Next Bosses

Starting a new job in a new city is a daunting thing, particularly when it's a contract position and you're responsible for building your own caseload. We know that, and we want you to be able to transition without having to worry about settling into a new job AND building a caseload AND trying to put food on the table.

That's why we have our transition to practice program, a 3-6 month employment period where you can get paid a salary to learn the ropes at CONNECT and build the caseload of your dreams at the same time. When your caseload is steady and you've learned how we operate, then we transition you to a contract position to give you greater schedule flexibility and earning potential. 

3-6 Months Of Steady Salary

Rarely do you walk into a full caseload, and building one, in our experience, can take 3-6 months of marketing, community outreach, and caseload management. We want to make sure you're financially secure during that time.

Company On-Boarding

We do things a little differently at CONNECT, and we want to be able to teach you everything without cutting into your caseload time. Learn our communication secrets, caseload management tips, and how we create the best customer experience on our dime.


Part of what we love to do is make sure clinicians build a caseload that is full of their ideal client, and that takes some marketing. We want to market you, and we want to teach you how to market yourself in a way that feel sustainable for the long term.


Whether it's brushing up on clinical skills or learning to navigate the business side of being a rehab professional, we want to help create a mentorship plan that sets you up to reach your career goals.

Transition When You're Ready

We have had clinicians jump into their contract role in just a few months, and we've had some need a little longer before making that transition. Part of working here means working together, which is why this plan is flexible to your needs.

Starting Fresh:
Our Transition To Practice Program

We Think Loving What You Do Is Important,
And So Is Loving Where You Live

Owen Sound

Welcome to Owen Sound, Ontario.
On the water. Out of the city. Close enough to visit, but far enough that there's no traffic. It's city living with a small-town vibe, it's the outdoors(wo)man's dream and, as the sign says, "it's where you want to live"

A Recreational Paradise

Welcome to a city where a vast network of trails is just outside your doorstep, where parks, rivers and lakes abound, and that boasts three golf courses within city limits. 
A place where the adventurous can hike, fish and camp, and the sun-seekers can lounge on some of the nicest beaches Ontario has to offer.
Bruce and Grey Counties are the latest "it" spot for tourists from the GTA, except we don't have to commute to visit.

... No Matter What Time Of Year

As far as most people are concerned, our season starts on Victoria Day and ends on Thanksgiving, but little to they know some of the best recreation in Owen Sound begins as soon as the snow flies. From free outdoor rinks to snowshoeing and skiing our trails and golf courses, winter camping, snow-fort building, to checking out the Festival of Northern Lights, there's never a dull moment in the winter.

Snowdays provide an opportunity for adults to act like children and enjoy the weather, and as the saying goes,

"If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life, but the same amount of snow."

A Busy, Close-Knit Community

Do you like the sounds of being in a great big small town where it feels like everyone knows everyone? That's Owen Sound. The community regularly comes together for festivals and events like Summerfolk and the Salmon Spectacular, we rally around the Attack every single season, and we never plan to go anywhere without running into someone we know.

If you like knowing your neighbours but still like being in a city, there is no better place than Owen Sound.

An Unexpected Cultural Hub

We know you're probably a rehab professional, but that doesn't mean it's ALL you do, in fact, we think it's good to have a creative side.

Whether it's soaking up the latest production at the Roxy, hopping on stage for Live Band Karaoke at the Heartwood, joining a woodworking class at Intersections, or taking an art class at the Artists Co-Op, Owen Sound is an underrated cultural hub in Grey Bruce. 

A City On The Rise (That Is Still Affordable To Live In)

Like the rest of the province, Grey-Bruce saw property values rise in a huge way during COVID. Prices seem to be correcting now, but even at it's peak Owen Sound was more affordable to live in than most other major cities.

New developments including new high-end rental units are coming to the area, and new retirement and townhomes are freeing up multi-bedroom homes for young professionals and families. Owen Sound has long been thought of as the next boom city with our neighbours in Saugeen Shores, Kincardine, Collingwood, Meaford and Thornbury expanding rapidly. That makes this the perfect time to capitalize on a place that is headed up in a big way.

We know that lots of people have partners, and moving to a new city isn't a decision that you make on your own. Aside from being the work-from-home capital of Canada, Owen Sound offers exceptional work opportunities in a huge variety of industries so that both of you can love what you do, and love where you live.

If you choose Owen Sound, we would love to help connect your partner to other local businesses where they might find their next dream job. Check out some of the local industries that are on the rise here in Owen Sound:


Grey Bruce Health Services is constantly hiring everything from administrators, to technology specialists, to front line healthcare workers. Our local County- and privately-run LTC facilities are similarly looking for new applicants regularly.


The technology sector is growing in Owen Sound. Businesses like BWXT and Hydrogen Optimized are new manufacturing companies looking for skilled trades and engineers to fill their teams. Established manufacturers like RBW Transcontinental, Bellwyck Packaging are often looking for office and floor positions.

County Of Grey

Grey County is regularly looking to fill roles from administrative and clerical to facilities management and various nursing and LTC positions. Their office is located in Owen Sound, and they also offer remote positions.

Bruce Power

One of the largest employers in the area, Bruce Power is located 55 minutes away in Tiverton and employs a wide range of skilled trades, administrative, and engineering-based positions. Ontario Power Generation, associated with Bruce Power, is also regularly hiring in similar positions.

Skilled Trades

Ticketed tradesmen and women, as well as apprentices, are in great demand in our area with the boom of both commercial and residential real estate. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, and mechanics will all find an easy home in Owen Sound, on their own or joining an existing company.

Service Industry and Hospitality

With a wide range of year-round and seasonal restaurants and businesses, those looking for service and hospitality jobs will have no shortage of opportunities. Heck, we'd even like to connect you to our favourite spots because we know the owners and love what they do.

Remote Work

We weren't kidding when we said Owen Sound was dubbed the work-from-home capital of Canada. Ok, maybe the city chose to name itself that, but we still have a huge portion people hanging out in their homes, soaking up our lightening fast internet, digitally commuting to whatever city they work in.

Something For Everyone, Including Your Partner

Transition To Practice


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