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Registered Physiotherapist

Being a physio just got even better.

We aren't and "average" clinic looking for an "average" physiotherapist. We're looking for a health-promoter, life-changer, smile-maker, and self-starter who's ready to set the bar for premium quality, evidence based care. 

Do yourself a favour: ditch the city for the sticks and come to a place where you can afford to get ahead and your career.

Registered Massage Therapist

Being an RMT just got a whole lot more fun

Do you want to work in a place where you can really build a relationship with your clients? Where you can learn to love your work and the people you do it with? Are you tired of working alone?

CONNECT is looking for an awesome RMT who wants to play where they work, and work where they play, who believes wholeheartedly that teamwork makes the dream work, and who wants to provide the most premium quality care in Owen Sound