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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take my personal health insurance?

2. Do you accept Motor Vehicle Insurance or workplace injuries?

3. Do you have OHIP-Funded Physiotherapy?

4. Do I need to be injured or in pain to come to CONNECT?

5. Do I need a doctors referral for physiotherapy?

6. I'm not in very good shape, can I still come to CONNECT group classes?

7. How do I use the online booking webiste?

8. What is your cancellation policy?

Do you accept my personal health insurance?

Yes! We accept all personal health insurance. We do not have direct billing yet, but we are in the process of setting this up. Right now, you will be required to pay for any services rendered at CONNECT and we will provide you with an invoice that you can use for reimbursement on your benefits.

If you do not have personal health insurance:

You are still able to receive care at CONNECT! We will still provide you with an invoice, and you will be able to claim these expenses on your personal income tax.

Do you accept Motor Vehicle Insurance or workplace injuries (WSIB)?

No, we do not currently accept motor vehicle or WSIB cases. We do, however, know a lot of physiotherapists that do! We would be happy to CONNECT you with them, but unfortunately we can't accept cases from either of those groups at this time.

Do you have OHIP-funded physiotherapy?

No, we are not a registered OHIP clinic. The Ontario government only allows a certain number of clinics, and a certain number of cases every year. Good news! There are TWO OHIP-funded physiotherapy clinics in Owen Sound that you can receive care from if you fit the inclusion criteria (age >20 or <65, ODSP or OW, or spent a night in hospital for that condition):

              1. Physiotherapy III

              2. Closing the Gap

Do I need to be injured or in pain to come to CONNECT?

No! CONNECT isn't just for injured people - CONNECT is for anyone that is trying to move more, move better and keep moving longer!

Many people choose to CONNECT with us when they are trying to start an exercise program to get into shape, or are trying to prevent injuries as they are increasing their training volume.

We can help you identify problem areas and show you how to build this into your regular routines to potentially reduce the risk of injury. 

We can definitely help you if you are injured or in pain, but that's not the only way we can assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals!

Do I need a doctor's referral for physiotherapy?

No, physiotherapists are direct-access primary providers, meaning that you DO NOT need a doctors referral to book a physiotherapy appointment. A few insurance providers still require you to have a doctor's referral in order to be reimbursed for physiotherapy, so please check with your insurance provider if you aren't sure about this.

I'm not in very good shape, could I still come to a CONNECT group class?

Of course! Everyone has their own starting point, if you're looking to become more active you're the right fit for us! All CONNECT group classes are modified to YOUR abilities - you'll be working just as hard as the person beside you, even though you might not be doing the exact same thing. 

How do I use the online booking website?

Follow the                                links throughout the website. Click on the provider, treatment or group class/series that you want to attend or book. The calendar will take you to the next availability for that selection. Once you click on the time that works for you the booking page will prompt you to complete the booking by filling out a profile. We can always help you book an appointment or join a class by contacting us. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment is booked specifically for you, and last-minute cancellations can be hard for our administrative team to fill. We require 24-hours notice for all cancellations, including classes. Failure to provide 24-hours notice for cancellations will incur a charge on your account. Please note that in the case of repeated no-shows or late cancellations, you may be required to put a credit card on file before booking future appointments.

For Appointments

First time: No charge, reminder of policy

Second time: 50% charge for appointment fee

Third and subsequent: 100% charge for appointment fee

For Classes, no show or cancellation within 4 hours of class

First time: no charge, reminder of policy

Second and subsequent: 100% charge for class, or one class pass in the case of a package.

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