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Experience The CONNECT Difference

We Create Generational HEALTH In Our Community

CONNECT isn't your average physiotherapy clinic. CONNECT isn't your average fitness or yoga studio. CONNECT is a family of dedicated clinicians, coaches and trainers coming together under one roof to give you the most comprehensive care - from injury to excellence.

Our Story

CONNECT opened in May 2019 out of a need for MORE. More 1-on-1 time with our patients, more time learning about you and your goals, and more focus on doing the things that we know will help you in the long term.

That meant creating a space that provided more than just the highest quality physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy services. It meant we needed a space where we could empower people to take active control of their health, and provide them with the specialized group fitness, yoga, and cycle classes that they needed to accomplish that.

CONNECT is an enigma in both the healthcare world and the fitness world. We don't fit nicely into either box, but we know that the way that we bring the two together is going to help change the way we think about and manage our own health.

In three years we've tripled the size of our team, and we will not stop until we have made a measurable change to improving the health of our community.

Want to know more about our plans? Click below to read our Vivid Vision for 2025, or keep scrolling to see our facilities and meet our team.

Our Story
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Industry Leading


Meet The Team

Click any profile to learn more about our specialties, classes, and availability.

Our Team
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* Concussion
* Whiplash
* Neck Sprains
* AC Joint Sprains and Separations
* Shoulder Dislocations
* Broken Collar Bone
* Tennis Elbow
* Golfer's Elbow
* Tommy John Surgery

* Thumb Sprains
* Wrist Sprain
* Broken Arm or Forearm
* Pulled Groin
* Pulled Hip Flexor
* ACL Repair, MCL Repair
* Meniscus Tear
* Shin Splints
* Ankle Sprain, High Ankle Sprain


We'd love to hear from you

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