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CONNECT | Physiotherapy

Inspired Physiotherapy For Active Adults And Their Families

Physiotherapy at CONNECT is all about more.

More one-on-one time with your physiotherapist.

More listening to your concerns, your goals, and your needs.

Helping you create more clarity around your diagnosis and your treatment plan so that you know how you're going to get where you want to go.

We're helping you get more out of life, one step at a time.

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Our Story

When CONNECT first opened in May of 2019, physiotherapists Clare and Stephanie had a dream to create a space where practicing physiotherapy meant more than simply getting people out of pain. They knew that, as regulated health professionals, they have the resources and ability to prioritize the long-term health of their clients, creating an environment where physical activity becomes accessible and aligns with the goals of every individual.

At CONNECT, you can expect to spend your appointments exclusively 1-on-1 with your physiotherapist. You can expect to have your concerns heard, and you can expect to gain an understanding of what your injury is and how it happened. You can expect that we want to know more about you than simply what hurts: we want to know about all of the important things you're missing out on, and the important things you want to do when your injury gets better.

Above all, you can expect to experience healthcare from an entirely new perspective, with you at the helm.



Are Saying

"Loved the facilities!

I have had months of suffering with headaches and neck pain and after this first assessment I feel very optimistic. Cody completed a thorough history and exam and was able to explain what is going on and how we can work together to improve my symptoms!

He made me feel listened to and that my pain was real and valid!"



Cody Boileau, RPT

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Special interest in the treatment vestibular conditions and concussion management in an active population.


Sarah McGall, RPT

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Special interest in performance athletics, return to play after injury, and strength and conditioning for teenage female athletes.

Meet The Team


Clare Donaldson, RPT

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Co-owner and founder. Special interest in the management of osteoporosis with strength training.


Stephanie Sollazzo, RPT

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Co-owner and founder. Special interest in paediatric and women's health physiotherapy.


Emily Villeneuve, RPT

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Special interest in performance sports and management of athletic injuries in a teen and young adult population, as well as older adults looking to increase physical activity levels.


Dana Law, RPT

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Special interest in triathletes, foot and ankle injuries, TMJ disorders, and pre- and post-operative rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Services

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* Concussion
* Whiplash
* Neck Sprains
* AC Joint Sprains and Separations
* Shoulder Dislocations
* Broken Collar Bone
* Tennis Elbow
* Golfer's Elbow
* Tommy John Surgery

* Thumb Sprains
* Wrist Sprain
* Broken Arm or Forearm
* Pulled Groin
* Pulled Hip Flexor
* ACL Repair, MCL Repair
* Meniscus Tear
* Shin Splints
* Ankle Sprain, High Ankle Sprain


We'd love to hear from you

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(519) 372 - 2121

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