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CONNECT | Kinesiology

Ergonomics And Exercised-Based Care For The Active Adult

Our Story

While Kinesiology is the newest discipline added to CONNECT, it's certainly not new in the healthcare world. Kinesiologists specialize in the use of therapeutic exercise as the basis of their treatment plans. They work with a range of conditions but are particularly effective when it comes to return to work strengthening and pre- and post-operative strengthening.



Are Saying

"I have loved coming to Barbells4Bones.

It is a great workout at our own pace yet giving me a push along the way. My lower back issues are gone.

I have learned lots of stretches and workouts I can do at home when I’m not at class. Both Katie and Clare are awesome. Such a friendly great place to go."


Meet The Team


Katie Douglas, RKin

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Katie is as close to a jack-of-all-trades as you'll see in this industry. With experience in fitness programming, 1-on-1 care, work hardening, and ergonomics, there isn't a problem Katie can't solve!

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