Barbells4Bones is a series that we are incredibly passionate about, here at CONNECT. As healthcare providers, we have seen too many women reach retirement, only to realize that they've left health behind them. Rather than accepting the notion of "slowing down" as we age, we created this series.

So, You're Not Ready To Slow Down

Then this series is for YOU. 

We know that women, particularly retired women, have long been told to play it safe, be careful, don't move too quickly for fear of falling, and certainly don't pick up heavy things. The problem with that is your health gets ignored when you play it safe, until you break a wrist and you get told you have osteoporosis (but there's nothing that could have stopped that), and that you need to be more careful (remember, don't move around too much), until your osteoporosis becomes osteopenia and you need medication (that often makes you sick). Sounds like a rite of passage for women, doesn't it?

We're changing that with the Barbells4Bones series. More and more research is suggesting that we need to do the OPPOSITE of what we've been recommending for women. We need MORE heavy weights, we need MORE intensity, and we need MORE movement. Resistance training has been proven to be both safe AND effective for the treatment of low bone density, and it's also been shown to improve quality of life, independence, pain, function and longevity.

Barbells4Bones is an hour-long fitness class that runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at CONNECT. You can come once/week, or twice, and we add new classes based on how many participants we have (we're up to 7 classes per week now!). In our classes, we complete a group warm-up, strength training session, and higher intensity workout that are each modified to fit your abilities. We've created a safe and fun environment for creating lifelong health, and we have an incredible community of women that participate.

We now offer an introductory 6-week series that is designed to teach you all of the exercises and techniques that we use in the class, and we recommend all new participants start there before joining regular classes.

Barbells4Bones may be eligible for coverage through your extended health insurance when it is used as an appropriate part of your physiotherapy treatment plan, determined by your CONNECT physiotherapist. Please contact us for more information.



"I would highly recommend Barbells4Bones for any senior women who are interested in improving their strength and overall fitness.

I was amazed with what a difference I felt following a number of months of attending the class. I am able to lift heavy objects (eg bike rack for my car) that I could barely lift last year.

My strength and stamina have improved which I noticed immediately when I returned to riding my bike and downhill skiing. 

I especially appreciate the individual attention we get in the class and Clare’s response to any questions we have. I always learn something from her."

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Series Registration

We run Barbells4Bones in 6-week intervals, our next introductory series starts Monday October 31st.

For more information, or to register for a non-introductory series, please contact Clare via email (below)