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Meet Megan Long

Registered Massage Therapist

Megan is a massage therapist with an eye for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. A dedicated fitness junkie and athlete, Megan knows the ins and outs of training and brings that knowledge into her practice at CONNECT.

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Get To Know Me

Megan is a recent graduate from the Fanshawe College Advanced Massage Therapy Program. She was born and raised in Owen Sound where she was involved in many recreational sports, most commonly hockey and lacrosse. ⁠

Her background in sports was a big part of her interest in pursuing a career in massage, to help other athletes and people looking to enjoy an active lifestyle feel their best!⁠

She is excited to join the Connect team and begin working with a wide variety of people who are interested in using massage as part of their overall health goals. She has experience in sports massage, hospice massage, and general massage, as well as provided at-home care routines for her patients. ⁠

When she isn’t at the clinic, you can find her enjoying early mornings at the gym or visiting Starbucks for an Iced espresso (with white mocha!). 

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