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Elevated Chiropractic Care For The Active Adult

What if your chiropractic care went one step further?

What if your chiropractor, in addition to effective hands-on treatment for pain, was able to provide you with the tools you need to not only keep your pain away, but achieve your long-term health and wellness goals?

This is one step further, this is your kind of chiropractic care.

Our Approach

We prioritize longer standard appointment times for all of our chiropractic clients, spending double, triple, or quadruple the industry standard in your 1-on-1 session. This gives our chiropractors more time to figure out exactly what's going on with you, translate it so that you understand as well, and create the most effective treatment plan for your care so that you get better sooner.

Movement and exercise are always a part of our approach - our chiropractors are trained in rehabilitative exercise the same way our physiotherapists are, and they use it to give you the tools you need to get better and stay better.

Our approach goes beyond pain and focuses on getting you moving and active in the long term.



Are Saying

"Nick is upbeat, super encouraging, and makes fixing painful issues fun. He clearly loves what he does.

I suffer from a hip issue that was causing me a great deal of discomfort. With Nick's expert hands and advice, I'm on the mend and really excited to run again and live my life the way I want.

If you're thinking a chiropractor might help you, he's your guy.”


Meet The Team


Dr. Nick Centritto, DC

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CONNECT's resident energizer bunny, Dr. Nick believes in a whole-person approach to care that always prioritizes your goals.

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Do You Belong On This Team?

Check out our careers page for current openings in the funnest rehab team in town!

Chiropractic Services




* Concussion
* Whiplash
* Neck Pain and Headaches
* TMJ and Jaw Pain
* Rib Dysfunction
* Text Neck
* Shoulder Impingement
* Golfer's Elbow and Tennis Elbow
* Bursitis
* Nerve Pain

* Back Pain
* Sciatica
* Sacroiliac Joint Pain
* Hip Pain
* Knee Pain
* Plantar Fasciitis
* Bunions
* Heel Pain
* Tendonopathies and Tendonitis


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