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At six-weeks postpartum, most moms are cleared to return to exercise with little to no assessment as to how they're actually functioning and are rarely provided with any guidance on HOW to return to exercise. #NewMomSTRONG is designed to get new moms who are past the six-week mark back to exercise with early core exercises, breathing, and yoga-based movements that progress in difficulty over the six-week series.

And of course, babies are welcome!

Scroll down to read more about this series, and learn how to sign up for the waitlist

Building Better Postpartum Care

Returning to exercise after baby isn't easy. Your body isn't the same as it was before, and you have an adorable little cling-on that makes it difficult to go anywhere because, let's face it, gyms aren't always baby-friendly spaces.

We built this class as a way to help you start moving again in a baby-safe space, under the watchful eye of a trained physiotherapist who has years of experience working with both moms and their babies.

This series starts from the ground up. Building early core and breathing strategies, and gradually progressing them over the course of six weeks. Each weekly session is accompanied by yoga-based videos via our exclusive Facebook group to work on between sessions. By the end of the six weeks, yoga gives way to more functional fitness-based movements and a transition toward working out.

In #NewMomSTRONG(er), our follow-up series, we start to build intensity (and heavier weights!) into your workouts as you continue your postpartum journey.

#NewMomSTRONG is eligible for physiotherapy coverage through your extended health benefits if you have a physiotherapy assessment prior to starting the class. 

Series Registration

The next #NewMomSTRONG series starts on

Monday March 4th, 2024 @ 11am and runs for 6 weeks. 

For more information, feel free to reach out to Stephanie with any questions.

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