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STRONG Like A Girl

Girls drop out of sport at a rate that is THREE TIMES higher than boys. Lack of female role models, lack of girls-specific programming, and high injury rates are all reasons. Yet, we don't see many fitness programs geared at keeping girls in sports. We created STRONG Like A Girl to serve as a sports-specific strength and wellness series for female athletes, designed to give them their dedicated space to get stronger to help reduce injuries and improve performance, and to learn about nutrition, sleep, hydration, recovery, and other important topics to help them stay sustainable athletes for life.

Calling All Teen Athletes

This series is for YOU.

The guys have tons of options when it comes to out-of-sport training, it helps them play better, stay stronger, and prevent injuries. Did you know it's actually MORE beneficial for you to strength train than it is for the guys when it comes to preventing injuries?

In your teens you go through a lot of changes, we've been there, but it also affects our ability to play sports, and there's a direct link between puberty and significant injuries like ACL tears in girls. The really crazy thing is that we're not doing anything about it. Until now.

This series runs in 6-week blocks, and is open to girls aged 13-17. Each class is going to include a warm-up and sport-specific strength and conditioning drills to help prevent those big injuries, and give you a strong base of movement skills that will help you train for the future.

We're going to cover other important stuff, too, like how to properly recover from a full week of sports, how to mobilize sore muscles, nutrition for athletes (in a nutshell), how to sleep for success, and other topics that are going to help you stay at your athletic best for a very, very long time.

Did I mention you're going to be doing all of this with a (retired) Division I hockey goalie?

Sarah McGall has lived the elite athlete life, and she's bringing back all of her experience into this series, just for you!

Series Registration

The first STRONG Like A Girl cohort starts April 17th, 2024, with classes running Wednesdays at 530pm

For more information, or to request an unscheduled time for a group of 4 or more, contact Sarah (below)

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