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CONNECT Swing Clinic, Part 4: The Warmup Every Golfer Needs

Welcome back to the final episode of the CONNECT Swing Clinic. The breaking news in Ontario is that golf courses are allowed to open, effective tomorrow, May 22nd! This news comes as an enormous relief for many business owners in the industry, and that's likely matched by the avid golfers that have been itching to get out now that the weather is beautiful.

Our goal is to make sure that you don't have to stop your golf season for an injury, and the easiest way to do that is with a proper warm-up. If you're the kind of person that hits their stride by the time the third hole rolls around, or if you know your first tee shot is always a shank, consider adding a warm-up to make the first three holes as good as the last three!

This warm-up is simple and is designed to open up all the most important areas of your swing before you even get to the tee box. All you need is a club, and maybe some support from your golf bag or cart. I've listed the exercises below, beneath that is the full video for you to watch, and at the very bottom of this blog post is the downloadable, printable handout that you can easily put in your golf bag as a reminder of how to do this warm-up!

If you have a history of golf related-injuries that have limited your ability to enjoy the season, we always encourage our athletes to get ahead of their injury to avoid missing out on valuable time on the course. If you've enjoyed this series but know you need some work to improve, consider booking with a member of the CONNECT Golf Team! We offer FREE 15-minute calls to go over your goals, your problems, and ultimately decide if we're the right fit for you!

The CONNECT Golf Team

The CONNECT Golf Warmup Exercises:

Standing Cat Camel

Club Pass-Through

Club Around The World

Wide Arm Swing

Thoracic Focused Swing

Standing Lunge

Standing Hip External Rotation

Tempo Swing

Download The Printable Warmup Here:

Swing Clinic Warmup
Download PDF • 1.68MB

Clare Donaldson is a Registered Physiotherapist, new mom, Crossfit enthusiast, poor but passionate hockey player, and genuine lover of all things physiotherapy. She is especially interested in keeping moms of all ages strong and healthy throughout their lives. When she's not at CONNECT, you can find Clare hiking with her dog, Moose, or spending time with her young family. To find Clare at CONNECT, click here

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