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CONNECT Swing Clinic Part 3: A Pain In The Neck

Updated: May 26, 2021

Thanks for tuning back in for Part 3 of our CONNECT Swing Clinic series! If you haven't tackled Part 1 (It's All In The Hips) or Part 2 (Do The Twist), check them out!

Today we're talking about some accessories to your swing: the shoulder and the neck. Now, neither joint should be a source of power in your swing, but having mobility and control in both are equally important to a balanced, smooth drive.

When you think about the shoulder in your swing, think about it like a cannonball. The cannon is your hips and trunk, they get locked and loaded during your backswing, before igniting and blasting the cannonball (aka. your shoulder, and by proxy, the club and the ball) at your target.

If you can't get your shoulder across your body, it's like having the barrel of the cannon be too short: the results become very inconsistent.

As for your neck, it's your ability to aim - if you can't keep your eyes on the prize, how can you expect to hit it consistently?

Are you sold yet? Good. Here are this week's stretches for you to use to tune up your swing! As always, scroll down to the bottom for the complete follow-along video.


If you need a tune-up before golf season begins, check out some more information on our CONNECT Golf Team!


Self Cervical Rotation Mobilization

Reach across your body with your left hand, place the tips of your fingers on the right side of your neck, just to the right of your spine. Turn your head to the left, pulling yourself further into that position with the left hand. Repeat on the opposite side.

Cross-Body Stretch

Stand up tall and pull your shoulder blades together, bring your arm up to shoulder level and, keeping your shoulder blade pinched, pull your arm across your body and add extra pressure with your other hand.

Upper Trapezius Release

Take a ball and place it on the back/top of your shoulder - right where you'd normally feel a knot. Lean up against a wall and roll the ball around to find a tender area. Once you find one, look side to side, or move the arm around to increase the pressure.


Grab your driver, bring your hands as far apart as you can, palms facing you. Keeping your elbows straight, bring your arms slowly up overhead, then behind the body as far as you can go. If this feels easy move your hands closer together.

Want to watch the whole thing and follow along? Check out the whole video below!

Tune in next week for the warm up that every golfer needs to know before they start playing this season!


Clare Donaldson is a Registered Physiotherapist, new mom, Crossfit enthusiast, poor but passionate hockey player, and genuine lover of all things physiotherapy. She is especially interested in keeping moms of all ages strong and healthy throughout their lives. When she's not at CONNECT, you can find Clare hiking with her dog, Moose, or spending time with her young family. To find Clare at CONNECT, click here

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