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CONNECT Swing Clinic Part 2: Do The Twist

Updated: May 26, 2021

Welcome back to Part 2 of the CONNECT Swing Clinic! Today we're going to talk about the importance of rotation through the trunk, which consists of your lower back and ribcage.

When it comes to issues with trunk rotation, we see a combination of problems. One presentation is someone with a stiff ribcage that isn't able to rotate fully, so they rely more on the lower back, hips (which are also often stiff) and knees to get their rotation, and they tend to have a choppy, shoulder dominant swing because that's where they find their power. This combination often walks into our clinic as back pain (from relying on the lower back), knee pain in the lead knee (from torquing through it for follow-through rotation), or shoulder pain in the lead shoulder (from chopping at the ball). Does any of this sound familiar?

The second presentation is one where the golfer has plenty of rotation from their trunk, hips, and knees, but they lack the muscular control of that range. They typically show up with a very long swing that lacks clubhead speed, they make fairly inconsistent contact, and they often LOVE to choke up on their club to try to regain control. These people are more likely to walk into our clinic with back pain from overswinging, or elbow pain from overgripping. Does any of that sound familiar?

The goal of this blog is to help you work on your trunk rotation. If you're Person 1, you'll benefit from using these drills to gain range, if you're Person 2, you'll benefit from using these drills as a way to control your range and gain power.

Like last time, if you want to watch the full follow-along video scroll down to the bottom of this blog!


If you need a tune-up before golf season begins, check out some more information on our CONNECT Golf Team!


Sidelying Trunk Rotation

Lie on your side with your top hip flexed to 90dg, and your knee bent. Start with your arms outstretched and your hands stacked. Slowly rotate your shoulders in the opposite direction by reaching back with your top hand. Try to touch your top shoulder blade to the ground.

Stick Rotation

Start kneeling on the ground. Hold a long pole or golf club in both hands with your palms facing away. Rotate one direction, and plant the low end of the pole on the ground as far away as you can, then lean your hips back and sink into the stretch.

Thoracic Extension With Foam Roller

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Place the foam roller behind your back, just below the bottom of your shoulderblade. Keep your butt on the ground, and support the weight of your head in your hands, then reach your shoulders towards the ground, arching over the roller.

Stance Rotation Drill

Place the pole or golf club across your shoulders, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hinge forward as you would in your golf swing. Slowly move through as much rotation as you can to either direction.

Would you rather follow along? Check out the whole video here:


Clare Donaldson is a Registered Physiotherapist, new mom, Crossfit enthusiast, poor but passionate hockey player, and genuine lover of all things physiotherapy. She is especially interested in keeping moms of all ages strong and healthy throughout their lives. When she's not at CONNECT, you can find Clare hiking with her dog, Moose, or spending time with her young family. To find Clare at CONNECT, click here

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