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Stretching For Paddlers

We LOVE seeing how many people are taking advantage of all the beautiful lakes, rivers and bays this area has to offer. Whether it's canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding, we're seeing more and more people jump on the water this year for a little sightseeing and a whole bunch of exercise. That's why we teamed up with Marcie at Suntrail Source For Adventure in Hepworth to make sure you're staying injury-free, and adventure-full this summer!

Paddling is a fantastic rotational upper body and core workout and is perfect for people at any fitness level. When we see paddlers get hurt, they tend to be new to the sport, or have recently increased the amount of paddling they're doing in the case of experienced athletes. The most common areas we see injuries crop up are in the shoulder and the back, and usually, pain shows up on the pull portion of the stroke, rather than the reach.

Grey-Bruce boasts a ton of opportunities for the avid paddler, regardless of experience level. From the winding Saugeen River, where you can float with friends or paddle and camp, to the Beaver River in Kimberly, or our many small lakes and inlets, there's something for everyone. At CONNECT, we're amateur explorers and lovers of the outdoors, but for the REAL professional opinion and recommendations, talk to our friend Marcie over at Suntrail in Hepworth. She'll hook you up with your gear, and show you the best place to use it!

Now, if you want to paddle to your heart's content this year AND stay out of our office, check out these simple stretches that you can do between sessions or before you head out to keep your summer fun and pain-free!

Paddle Thoracic Rotation

Bring your hands wide on your paddle, palms facing away. Reach across your body, plant one end of the paddle, and lean over to rotate.

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Lie on your back with your paddle in hand. Keep your shoulder blade flat to the ground as you let your hand drop forwards

Pass-Through/Around The World

Bring your hands wide on the paddle, palms facing you. Reach up, over, and behind you, keeping your elbows straight

Lat Stretch

Grab high on your paddle, reach your hips back as you drop your head between your elbows.

Watch the full how-to video here!


Clare Donaldson is a Registered Physiotherapist, new mom, Crossfit enthusiast, poor but passionate hockey player, and genuine lover of all things physiotherapy. She is especially interested in keeping moms of all ages strong and healthy throughout their lives. When she's not at CONNECT, you can find Clare hiking with her dog, Moose, or spending time with her young family. To find Clare at CONNECT, click here

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