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Let's jump in and get wet!

This summer, CONNECT REHAB is adding hydrotherapy to our list of services offered for our littlest clients, our CONNECTKids.

But you may be wondering, what is Hydrotherapy and how can it help my child?

Hydrotherapy, aqua therapy, or pool therapy, is therapy performed in a warm pool, heated to a dreamy 32 degrees. Due to the buoyancy of the water in a heated swimming pool, an individual’s bodyweight decreases by 90 percent! The warm water can be a comforting sensory experience for many populations providing a more relaxed environment to perform movement and exercise freely, with less stress on the musculoskeletal system.

The benefit of this is less weight bearing demands, reducing the amount of trunk (body) control, joint loads, and the effects of gravity. It can also reduce tone and relieve pain.

Similar to therapy on land, the focus of hydrotherapy sessions can be range of motion and stretching, strengthening, independent movement, balance, fitness, and overall function. Research shows that hydrotherapy has a positive affect on quality of life of participants.

Pool therapy can benefit many groups, including but not limited to cerebral palsy, gross motor delays, developmental coordination disorders, neurodiverse clients, and those with musculoskeletal injuries.

Your child does not need to know how to swim to benefit from hydrotherapy. There will be a variety of floatation devices, equipment and toys available to create a confortable and supportive experience for your child.

Summer can be a great time to do a block of therapy without the regular interruption of a school day AND hydrotherapy or “pool therapy” can add super fun variety to an existing therapy program.

Hydrotherapy will be offered in July and August. It may begin in June and extend to September if weather allows. If there is a weather issue the day of a session, the appointment will be moved to the clinic if possible or be re-scheduled.

If your child is not currently a client of Stephanie’s, an initial physiotherapy assessment will be required prior to beginning hydrotherapy to establish the treatment plan, goals and whether hydrotherapy will be a good fit. Hydrotherapy is billable under extended health benefits as physiotherapy.


Stephanie Sollazzo is a Registered Physiotherapist, wife, mother, yoga teacher, and self-professed lover of homemade Italian food (especially when her sons make the noodles). She is passionate about helping moms return to activity after pregnancy, and working with children of all ability levels. If you can't find Steph at CONNECT, the only place to look for her is outside enjoying Grey Bruce. To book an appointment with Stephanie, click here

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