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Introducing CONNECTed Digital Rehabilitation & Consulting

Thanks Loni Carroll for this shot!

For anyone that knows us, you know we've had a fair few bumps in the road on our CONNECT journey together. It's all part of business start-ups: triple your reno budget, expect to have to call anyone three times to get something done, who even knows how HST works, go on wild goose chases to get things delivered - have them be delivered wrong anyway, the list goes on. Our philosophy is that everything that can go sideways, will, in SPECTACULAR fashion, and whether it's hilarious or catastrophic is up for us to decide.

For us, the last week has been about as catastrophic as they come. On March 4th, things were rolling, we attended a job fair in London intent on attracting a couple of new grad physios to CONNECT, we were busier than we've ever been, we lined up a new team member (announcement on this is still coming, we're just waiting on the right time with everything that's unfolding), registration for our fitness and yoga series were bursting at the seams, and our next couple of months were going up, up, up!

Then, on March 9th we started hearing more rumblings of COVID-19 in Canada, people were stockpiling, the markets were starting to decline, but it was all still hearsay - just a virus they said. But somewhere between Monday and Friday things accelerated at an alarming rate, and by the following Monday the heartbreaking decision came to close our doors for the safety of our community, knowing it would be irresponsible and go against the vision of CONNECT not to.

Even in times of intense struggle, the vision of CONNECT beats on below the surface. Don't be mistaken, our hearts are broken, we are hurt, we are sad, and we are vulnerable, but though our doors are closed we are very much open. Our question is now: how can we continue to honour our vision: to EMPOWER people to take control of their own health - in the midst of this widespread trauma?

We've been observing what people are saying over social media, and we have seen a need for three things:

* Find a way to reduce burden on the medical system in it's time of need

* Continue taking new cases to ensure everyone can remain active

* Provide stability and ongoing care for current cases, make sure everyone is okay


And we have realized, our little vision, our beating heart, can have a major impact.


Let me tell you about CONNECTed Digital Rehabilitation & Consulting.

We have two physiotherapists and a chiropractor, all with very unique skill sets and abilities, who are excited to jump online and start a new brand of rehabilitation: all from the comfort of your own home. CDR&C is CONNECT: it is our vision, it is our team, it is our approach, it is everything we've worked so hard to build, and now it's digital.

And those three things? We've found a way to address them using this new platform

We will provide assessment for injuries, new and old, to empower you to remain active through this crisis without putting yourself at risk

The best rehabilitation outcomes come from teaching clients how to treat themselves, educating them about what's going on, and empowering them to take control (remember that old adage about teaching a man to fish? Well it's true). That was the whole treatment philosophy behind CONNECT in the first place and now we can do that from ANYWHERE. That's exciting - you don't need to be in Owen Sound, you can be anywhere in Ontario (with an internet connection) and we can start your rehab process.

This might mean modifying your existing home workout routine, or writing you one to begin with, assessing your ergonomic position while you're working from home, treating an injury that's come up because of all the playing outside you've done, or one you've ignored for a while. Dr. Nick is looking at running a digital version of Gear Up Fore Golf, as well as a series on strength training for runners. The possibilities are only limited by our creativity.

We will provide ongoing care and stability for patients that have previously been seen - by us or others

Your care should not suffer because you can't get into a clinic, and we have the infrastructure to make sure that you care can be continued from the comfort of your home. We will empower you to take an even more active roll in your care by reassessing your condition, progressing your exercise program with whatever means you have available, communicating with your doctors as often as is necessary, and always educating you on exactly what is going on - because healthcare is a two way street.

We WILL help reduce burden on the medical system by reducing ER visits

This is, we think, one of the most important things we can do with CDR&C. If you have pain: back pain, leg pain, pain from a fall, pain from a sprain, pain from a hit to the head, any body or movement related pain that you would normally go to the ER for, we want to talk to you. We will take your history, we will do a movement assessment, we will help determine if you need to go to the hospital.

If you do: we'll send a summary of your case with you to assist your doctor and expedite your care, if you don't: we'll send a summary of your case to your family doctor and together we'll make a plan to get you better. You can be anywhere in Ontario and we will get this done. If you are not sick the most risky place to be is at the hospital. It's risky for healthcare workers, it's risky for you, and it does not help #FlattenTheCurve

CONNECTed Digital Rehabilitation & Consulting is a beautiful extension of the vision that had our business exploding a few short weeks ago, not a backup plan to get us through a hard time. It is in it's infancy, but it will grow and flourish with your support. Right now, our hearts are broken for the loss of the business we knew, for however long this may last, but that space is quickly filling with passion and creativity driven by the vision we so love.

So, how can we help EMPOWER you?

All bookings are best done through our online platform at

For any inquiries or emergencies, or ER triage bookings, contact

Or, if you just want to chat, drop us a line

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