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CONNECT Is OPEN For In Person Visits!

Great news, CONNECT Community! After a (very long) 79 days, CONNECT has received the green light to reopen for in-person care. We've been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to ensure that our space is equipped to handle in-person care in the safest possible way: ensuring the protection of our community, our staff, and our families. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of this roller coaster of a journey, and we want to outline the new policies and procedures that we're implementing to go above the current requirements put in place by the ministry of health. With out further adieu this is our new normal, from start to finish of your next visit! [Spoiler Alert: if you don't want to read - check out the video at the end of this post for a video walk through!]


We no longer have a waiting area!

Since the weather is so nice, waiting in your vehicle is the new waiting area! Please arrive on time, but stay in your vehicle until it is time for your appointment.

While you wait, check in!

While you're waiting for your appointment, feel free to virtually check-in to your appointment to let us know you've arrived, you can do so at, or by scanning the QR code on our door.

Complete your first-stage screening

You will be sent a survey via email prior to your appointment - this contains several screening questions for COVID-19 symptoms. If you are positive for ANY COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend your appointment. Contact public health and proceed to the nearest testing center.

BYOM - Or You'll Wear One Of Ours

Bring Your Own Mask (if you have one!) and don it before you enter the building then proceed to the hand washing station, if you do not have a mask, go directly to the hand washing station and we will provide you with a reusable cloth mask.

Complete your second-stage screening

It may seem repetitive, but we'll ask you the same questions again regarding any COVID-19 symptoms prior to the start of your appointment - either our Desk Wizard, Leslie, will ask, or your provider.

The Appointment

Same Providers, New Get-Ups!

You'll notice our providers wearing masks and clear goggles - these are as much to protect you as they are to protect them. To answer your questions: yes they're really hot, no they're not that comfortable, and yes, it's really difficult to see when these goggles fog up!

Follow Your Provider To Their Office

Nothing here has changed: our providers still have their own individual offices, and they're all cleaned prior to your appointment, though now that includes hospital-grade disinfectant every single time, as well as strict hand washing guidelines that they will adhere to. You might notice our gym looks different: we've split the space so that each provider has the same equipment at their own station. You will be the only patient in that station at a single time, and any equipment being used will be sanitized prior to the next appointment.

Rebooking and Paying

Booking Your Next Appointment

Depending on our staffing, our providers may direct you to talk to Leslie to book your next appointment, but if she is unavailable, or we know there will be people overlapping, your provider will book your next appointment for you while in their office. You may also be directed to go online to book through


We still prefer contactless payment wherever possible, and we encourage everyone to set up etransfer to, or set up Jane Payments through your Jane Account. If neither of these options is available to you, we do have a debit machine that we are able to use and will clean between each use.

Before You Go

Wash Your Hands

Using the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk

Remove Your Mask

If it's one of ours, we'd like it back so that we can wash it and reuse it the next day, if it's yours feel free to keep wearing it until you get to your vehicle.

Wash Your Hands (Again!)

Always wash your hands before and after removing a mask to ensure any germs on the mask that were transferred to your hands are eliminated.

Smile! We'll See You Next Time!

Other Policies

We Have Changed Our Cancellation Policy

We will continue not to charge late cancellations related to illness: because if you're sick, you need to stay home. We have also opened our schedules to allow for cancellation right up until the time of the appointment for now.

We Are Not Booking NEW Appointments On A Walk-In Basis

To ensure social distancing, we are only booking new clients via phone (519-372-2121), email (, or online (

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