Rehab. Differently.



Registered Massage Therapy can do so much more than relax and rejuvenate: it can be a critical component of active rehabilitation. At CONNECT that's our goal. We take an active approach to your health care. Period.  

Rehabilitation. The way it was meant to happen. 

Massage therapy is so much more than just a massage: it's a thorough assessment of your condition, it's tailored to your needs and goals, and it's a key component of your rehabilitation plan.

Massage therapy is a regulated health profession specializing in assessment and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Our therapists provide extended one-on-one, hands-on care that focuses on the big picture surrounding an injury.   

Our therapists use a variety of tools, including hands-on manual therapy, education, exercise, and evidence-based modalities.

At CONNECT, we believe that rehabilitation doesn't stop when pain stops: rehabilitation ends where fitness begins.

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Massage Therapy
What Do We Treat?
The better question is what DON'T we treat. You don't need to pick through a laundry list of conditions to see if your injury is listed. You have it, we'll treat it, and if we can't treat it we'll find someone who can - even if it isn't us. That is our promise to you.
Whether it's an ache or a pain, a sprain or a strain, surgery, fracture, or bad knees that run in the family, we're here for you. 
Still not sure? Why not come meet us? 15 minutes, no charge, and together we'll see what your needs are, and which one of our stellar CONNECT teammates would help you the most.

What To Expect

Before your appointment we'll ask you to fill out paperwork  (yay!) - we'll also send it to you digitally to save time (and trees!)

Your initial assessment will take about 75 minutes, and follow ups will be anywhere from 30-60 minutes. The initial assessment will start with you and your massage therapist discussing injury,  medical history, goals, and ultimately your diagnosis. It will also include approximately 45 minutes of massage treatment.

An initial assessment is necessary for every new patient in order for your therapist to determine the best course of treatment. The exception is clients being co-managed by physiotherapy or chiropractic providers where an assessment has already been completed


No More One-Size-Fits-All Treatment

You have interests, and so do we. When we built CONNECT we made sure we assembled a group of like-minded clinicians with different interests and specialities.

We want you to work with a therapist that gets you, understands your goals and can help you achieve things you didn't think were possible.

Ready to learn more about our team?