Rehab. Differently.



Movement is medicine, motion is lotion, and exercise is king when it

 comes to effective rehabilitation.

Because Movement Matters.

Kinesiology is a regulated health profession centered on promoting healthy movement for life - no matter what level you start at. 

Our Kinesiologist works hand in hand with the rest of the rehab team to create an exercise program to assist you in reaching your goals - whether its to get back to fitness, return to play, or start on a journey to better health. 

At CONNECT we are challenging the idea of traditional "rehab" programs, and replacing them with exercise interventions that not only improve the injury - but also tackle the bigger picture of global health.

What Katie offers.......


Small group

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CONNECT | Return2Play

Rehabilitation is missing something.
The heart and soul of REAL rehabilitation, and the heart and soul of CONNECT is taking individuals from a place of injury to a place of health - not just the absence of pain.
Not just for athletes.
Return to Play is getting back to fitness classes, yoga classes, playing with your grandkids, walking your dog, or walking the stairs at the Attack game: it's wherever you find fun.

Small Groups: Big Impact

Return2Play is small group yoga and Cross Training classes designed for people coming off of an injury, easing back into physical activity (or starting it for the first time!).

Our coaches run everyone through the same 60-minute session with a focus on excellent form and modifications to fit your fitness level.

Once you, your physiotherapist or chiropractor, and the coach are feeling confident and happy about your progress you graduate to regular classes, or whatever you find fun.

Why is this so important?


Have you ever thought, "I can't do _______ anymore," after an injury? Has anyone ever told you to stop doing something you love because of an injury? How often do you find yourself working around an old injury?

As rehabilitation professionals we see too many people return to activity once the pain is gone, but before they're ready, or worse - they never return to activity at all. Either way, patient's end up in the same position: inactive, sedentary, and only a little better than their previous injury.

Return2Play is designed to bridge that gap. 


Don't compromise your physical activity future because of an injury - let us help you Return2Play